Avoid These Product Sites If You Can.

I wanted to make sure you were aware of a few things that are happening in online stores today. With today's technology, it takes minutes to put up a website, displayed with products. However - those products displayed are not anywhere near the US or Canada.

In fact - they most likely took the images off of Amazon and put them on their website as bait t
o see which product sells and then ship it all the way from China or hong kong.Taking months to get to you. It's a scam, but to the public eye - the websites look trustworthy. 

So how do you know which websites you can trust, and which ones you can't? 

I've found one underlining fact that reveals the truth: It's a displayed phone number at the top right corner of the website. If no number exists - most likely it's a bait-n-switch website. The truth of the matter - You should call those numbers just to be sure someone picks up! Most fly by night online stores don't care about their customers - they care more about making a quick buck. 

Which is why I want you to know one thing. We care about our clients. We care about you! On every web page we build, our number is on it! Every email, every text, every Facebook post...
Not only is our phone number visible everywhere, but so is our email, where we have skilled agents ready to handle anything you need as a long time consumer or someone looking to purchase from us for the first time. 

A company that wants your business will have these morals!

1. Here to serve you at the highest level. 

2. Strive hard to earn your business. 

3. And even harder to keep earning your business. 

We just hope it'll be sooner rather than later. 

Dot Com Products keeps these morals in mind when selling you products. We'd really like to have this year be the year we start off on the right foot with you by showing you our speed, quality, and rest assured our assurance of complete satisfaction.