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"See how the amazing new eBulb eliminates blackouts from your life forever and gives you peace of mind during an emergency or natural disaster!"

✅ The backup emergency battery provides over 4 hours of light.
No Need to Replace Light Sockets! Works in your existing light socket.
✅ The backup emergency battery charges itself. You don't have to do anything!
No installation required. Simply screw in the HOME SAFETY LIGHT into your socket and you are saving money.
✅ Save you money every day and provides you light during a power outage.


 💡Imagine This...

Imagine your power just went out and you can’t see anything. You have to stumble around in the dark to try and find a working flashlight, but you trip and fall on your way to the kitchen.

Millions of Americans experienced power failures last year that left them stranded in the dark for hours. Unfortunately, this epidemic is happening across the United States and the problem is only getting worse.

According to a special report from Eaton Power Management Company, the number of blackouts is skyrocketing and impacting hundreds of millions of Americans yearly. Don't fall victim to having no power after an outage! Add a Blackout eBulb to your cart today!